If you haven't accidentally electrocuted yourself taking apart electronics then we can't date.

Hmm. I'll have to think about that. Shit's dangerous ya know

@it i've almost started a fire from doing so before, does that count? (it was one of those cheap chinese-made electric scooter things)

Hell yes, fire is basically just electricity but fun.,

@it i remember being like 13 and taking apart my new playstation to install a mod chip and discharging all the capacitors in to my hand

Damn that is almost exactly the perfect situation to accidentally electrocute oneself, you wanna grab cofe sometime?

Valid. It is way too hot to like, be alive rn and I would v much like to fight the sun.

@it You've posted so many of these I feel like you're trying to narrow it down to the *one true person who can date you*. Like process of elimination, oh there they are

@it @Laura_I If you're not Paul Rudd and Sigourney Weaver dating each other in an alternate timeline, then we can't date

@it Yeah, you've severely limited your dating pool lol

One day Paul Rudd will be mine. One day...

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