My kink is being loud while people are sleeping.

new type of insult:

"he's got a real croaker in his roker"

or like

"your roker's all croaked up!"

sometimes a goth dude steals your daughter away to the underworld and feeds her pomegranate seeds so they can listen to the cure six months out of the year :coolstorybob:

slightly translucent mesh jeans please

Shotout to the ladies on this site living the hetero life despite it all

Surprised people haven't been doing signatures On Here yet

-sent from my cranial implant

⚠️⚠️ This is America, ⚠️⚠️
⚠️⚠️MILFs in your area!⚠️⚠️

an x-files character in 2019: the vaping man

As the sun goes down i enter my hidey hole and, using a combination of spit and dirt, seal the entrance to keep predators out

Me: \*banging pots together at midnight* I LOVE MY FRIENDS

if you are scared of me dont be

Or Else

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